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MUNICIPIA chooses the Venicecom PRO-Q technology

MUNICIPIA chooses the Venicecom PRO-Q technology

Municipia provides Municipalities with the advantages of a digitalized management of the purchasing processes: maximum control and compliance with legislation from setting up the tender to its execution.

Rome, May 15 2019

Municipia S.p.A. - an Engineering Group company - engaged in the digital transformation of local PAs by means of effective solutions for redefining and executing key management processes, chooses Venicecom's PRO-Q technology with the aim of providing Municipalities with a reliable and efficient tool to ensure maximum control and compliance with the regulations for electronic purchasing processes of goods and services (e-procurement) and for work performance.

The commencement of this new and exclusive partnership will allow the municipal staff in charge, who daily deal with the complex aspects of an evolving legislation as well as with the limited human and economic resources available, to rely on a tool such as PRO-Q, designed to simplify and automate all phases of the purchase process. This, combined with the consolidated competences of Municipia, which supports Municipalities not only through a wide range of technological solutions but also with an attentive consultancy activity when defining the choices and interpretations of regulatory issues, enables a drastic reduction of margins of error. Thus, there is an increase in the quality of the process performance: in terms of compliance with deadlines and of regulatory compliance, with a constantly updated software, in terms of costs, and - as a direct consequence - in terms of reducing all issues concerning these activities, such as suspensions and appeals.

Among the many advantages of PRO-Q there is also the possibility of accessing customized versions with a reserved and secreted environment for each Contracting Authority, which can be used as a Cloud (SaaS) and on-Premise service.

As Stefano De Capitani, Chairman and General Manager of Municipia, states: “Transparency, simplicity, speed and security are the key words of public procurement management in compliance with regulatory obligations. This means efficiency in the purchasing process and cost savings. We constantly examine and choose the best technologies, selecting those which, integrated with our proprietary solutions and significant skills gained, allow us to rapidly offer concrete advantages to our customers. With this agreement Municipia further extends the range of developed services to support cities in their transformation into smart cities in the broadest sense of the term”.

Pierluigi Aluisio, Chairman of Venicecom: "Thanks to the exclusive partnership with Municipia we also provide Municipalities with the advantages of the PRO-Q platform, whose success is already recognized by many Italian and international Customers. In particular, the Contracting Authorities will finally be able to access an integrated service that helps processes even in the presence of a reduced staff”.

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