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Municipia obtains SAAS AGID qualification for its solutions

Municipia obtains SAAS AGID qualification for its solutions

An additional opportunity for the local PA in accordance with the "Cloud first" principle.

Roma, November 15 2019

The jEnte, INES Cloud and Tri-Box solutions by Municipia S.P.A. - Engineering Group have obtained the SaaS - Software As A Service qualification from AgID and are included in the Cloud Services Catalogue for the PA. Local Public Administrations thus have an additional opportunity to give life to the process of digital transformation through the use of Cloud, with significant advantages in terms of increased system reliability, quality of services provided and cost savings.

In details:

jEnte is the suite which rationalizes the entire management of the Local Administration and of its Companies through a set of modules which, integrated with each other, create a "holistic" management of the Organization’s activities, such as: General Affairs - Demographic and Cemetery Services - Financial Services, Superintendence and Heritage, Planning and Control, Human Resources, Taxes and Fees, Personal Services, Suap (One-stop business advisory center) and Commerce, Building and Urban Planning Departments, Local Police. jEnte is designed to support Organizations adopting management by objectives and is strongly oriented towards a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) architecture such as to ensure a strong application cooperation (internal and external).

INES Cloud is the solution used by many cities in Italy and abroad for the unified management of urban mobility and parking. It allows implementing city mobility policies (access, transit and parking rules, geographical areas of application, tariffs, penalties, digital, web and mobile sales channels) and operational processes (implementation and control of rules and services).

Tri-Box is the solution for the overall management of the IMU, TASI, TARI, TARES Major Taxes. It offers punctual (front-office) and massive (back-office) features for managing ordinary and sanctioning Taxes.


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