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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Find out how we define, manage and evolve CRM processes and strategies, redesigning the relationships between companies and customers.

What is a CRM

Data and Processes: the two pillars of a high-performing Customer Relationship Management

The meaning of the initialism CRM (Customer Relationship Management) itself suggests also its main objective: to manage the brand's relationship with existing and potential customers.

To achieve this goal with the support of technology, the two main assets upon which everything centres are data and processes. Without data there is no CRM, and without clear and defined processes software cannot perform efficiently.

So, what is CRM? How does it work? How is it evolving?
Example of customer relationship management

The three steps for a successful CRM system

In Engineering we drive the organizations throughout the entire process a for a successful CRM project.

  • We support in the selection of the strategy to realise initiatives within the CRM and CXenvironment that can align business strategies, processes, people, technologies, and application.
  • We accompany in the integration of CRM within the architecture of the company's existing applications, so that it can be fed with strategically and operationally relevant data for the purpose of managing sales, marketing, and customer care processes.
  • We are strategic partners not only in the selection and implementation of the best technologies and solutions on the market, but also in their management and evolution. We are partners with leading CRM software vendors: Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, Qualtrics e Marketsuite.

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