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Digital Experience:
Culture & Tourism

We redesign the way to manage and experience artistic and cultural heritage, enhance territorial excellence, contribute to the revival of tourism by reactivating local development processes.

Digital Experience Culture & Tourism Trasformazione Digitale

Digital Transformation of tourist services
and cultural offering

Among the main engines of the Italian economy, tourism and culture have finally initiated important transformation and digitalization processes. We thus moved from "Seeing and doing" to "Living and feeling", because people get organized, involved and excited thanks to new technologies, Web and social networks.

The digital tourism requires timely responses from Administrations: hence, we need to rethink territorial marketing creating new offers based on experience and on perception, so as to overcome language barriers and any sensory and mobility impairments.
Digital Experience Culture & Tourism Nuove Tecnologie

New technologies and special public-private partnership to enhance local excellence

The solutions developed by Municipia and its partners realize a new methodof accessing and using spaces and tourist & cultural events, thanks to the adoption of highly innovative tools.

The use of enabling technologies, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, makes heritage and culture storytelling more democratic, coherent, immersive, sensorial and customized. This provides:
  • innovative ways of representing material and immaterial historical and cultural heritage of the community
  • innovative ways of interaction by the user-tourist
  • a seamless user experience for the citizen-tourist, ensuring a continuous transition between physical and virtual environments for territorial services.
Culture & Tourism Toolbox

Our impact on the world

Cities are already investing in digital innovation, making the narration of heritage and culture more democratic, coherent, immersive, sensorial, and customizable.

Watch the infographic, listen to the podcast and discover the toolbox with our platforms, case studies and research projects.

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