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Employee Benefits

Initiatives, assets and opportunities for our employees


Training for everyone, from the new recruits to the managers

The term training refers in Engineering to over 15,000 days of courses provided, an IT & Management Academy with 300 teachers and 6 thousand students, an e-learning center, scholarships, masters programs, and incentives, because studying brings out talent, skill, and growth.

MeM: Master Engineering in Management

A master's program for talent, i.e. for persons identified as figures with high potential, in whom we choose to invest in a targeted manner within the context of continuous growth of the skills of human resources.

Smart working

Our employees have the opportunity to carry out part of their work in another location, different from the one to which they belong, in order to improve the balance between work and private life.

Job Posting

It is our people who dictate our success and this internal research and selection tool enables us to stimulate the professional mobility of those who work with us. In order to bring out and appreciate talent and professionalism, we place vacant posts in-house first, giving priority to our employees on the possibility of changing roles and activities within the Group.


The Engineering Internal Solidarity Fund for our employees and for their family members according to the parameters specified in the regulations.

Corporate welfare

The latest renewal of the National Metalworkers' Collective Labor Agreement envisages that companies should provide workers with a package worth 150 euros for 2018 and 200 euros for 2019 and following years, to be used for multiple goods and services.


For us, education is a value to be shared with all our employees. Every year we allocate resources to support and encourage second-level and university education for the most deserving, according to the principles of solidarity and respect for the income situation of the family unit.

Contributions towards textbooks

Every year we dispense contributions for purchasing school books used in middle and high schools, both state or equivalent, for our employees’ children.

Christmas communication projects

Every Christmas we involve our employees’ children and grandchildren in projects where they can express their imagination and creativity. This year we asked them to tell us about "My brilliant invention" through drawings of all kinds. All the submitted projects were published online and the children who took part received a gift from the company “Befana” (the old crone who brings presents on January 6).

The children's Christmas

At Christmas we invite our employees' children to attend special theater or circus events. In 2018 we took the children of our employees in Florence, Turin and Padua to the theater to watch the show "The magic of light".


Our ski tournament, which employees, relatives and friends take part in, because we believe the events we share during our free time are also an important part of our activities.

Daily press review

Every morning all our employees receive two press reviews: the first with articles which expressly cite us at Engineering or one of our companies; the second with industry-related and business articles, divided into technological and market areas, competitors and foreign press.


The video press review with news about our projects, participation and initiatives and with news concerning the world of technology. The video-newspaper is distributed daily and is displayed on the screens in our branches.


A tool for sharing and raising awareness of business life, to enable the exchange of opinions, insights and comments on published contributions: projects, case studies, events and initiatives.

Analysis of the corporate climate

The work climate is a critical variable, not only because of its influence on people’s motivation, efficiency and commitment, but also because of trust in the Company. That is why we conducted a climate analysis study, carrying out over 6,400 anonymous interviews through an online questionnaire.

Safety at work courses

For us, minimizing the likelihood of accidents occurring while performing office tasks and at our four Data Centers is an important goal. This is the reason why we provide specific training courses each year, both in the classroom and in the field, for the prevention of risks at work.

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