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JOT: Digital Marketing becomes data driven

We improve marketing strategies using AI & Advanced Analyitics: we do it for JOT, enhancing Big Data to support digital campaigns.

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In an era in which big data guides business decisions, software tools capable of processing these flows are now a basic prerequisite for every company, and JOT Internet Media, a Spanish digital marketing agency, has understood their importance.

Indeed, JOT processes large amounts of data related to qualified search traffic of its partners. Using this data, it helps its customers increase their web traffic, monetize it and generate extra income.


Our experts supported this activity by developing EW-Shopp. EW-Shopp, which is the result of the European H2020 research project, is a transversal toolkit for the easy management of a large amount of complex data that is enriched with external data concerning weather conditions and different kinds of events. The data is then explored with customized views and analyzed using predictive models.
Thanks to this system, it is possible to identify correlations among forms of research behavior, meteorological data and events of various kinds, and to produce valuable information for the digital strategies of customers.

In this context, Knowage provides a flexible and easy-to-use platform with which one can test hypotheses and forecasts, creating dashboards based on the results of data-flow processes.


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