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New billing systems for 800000 users thanks to our Utilities Digital Platform and Salesforce.

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Standardising the information systems of the application map, consisting of various layers with solutions stratified over time. This is precisely the requirement expressed by one of the leading sales companies in the Power and Gas market in Italy, which contacted Engineering to request our support in a path of evolution that would see the redesign of its processes, as well as its solutions in the credit sector.

The company's aim was also to acquire partners representing the “best of breed” on the market for the management of a CRM and the “meter to cash” process, with solutions that ensure compliance with regulatory changes over time, as well as integrating with other business applications.

Thanks to our solutions and our market, process, regulatory and technological skills and expertise, we supported our customer’s architectural and application changes, confirming our proven ability to deliver complex projects.


We responded to the Company’s requirements with our Utilities Digital Platform for the billing, metering and credit management components (Net@SIU) and with the adoption of Salesforce as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, providing coverage for the Retail Sale (Contract 2 Cash) phase of the Utilities market supply chain.

The roadmap was launched by first implementing the solutions on a sample of gas business customers of around 5,000 users, then on 40,000 Dual Fuel customers. To date, the solution we designed is utilised by approximately 800,000 users.

Our solution was also integrated with the SAP R/3 accounting system and the data warehouse system, to support the Business in the credit and invoicing management processes.


Enhanced flexibility in managing regulatory changes

Improved credit management processes

Shorter invoicing cycles

Standardisation of the application stack

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Process performance

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Utilities Digital Platform (Net@Suite)

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