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Solutions for Utilities market

Utility Digital Platform

An extended, integrated and intelligent platform to manage traditional internal efficiency needs and new digital business requirements, through our Net@Suite solution, including our wider architecture of digital technology services.

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The Utility Digital Platform is Engineering's in-cloud answer for all types of sales and distribution operators in the gas and electricity markets, which takes advantage of our deep decennial knowledge of the key processes in these markets.

The platform is also ideal for operators in the sectors of integrated water distribution, district heating, waste management and public lighting, and consists of:
  • Net@Suite
  • Home EnergIA and Mobile Energy


Net@Suite features innovative payment models for service sector in the Utilities market, based on a modular approach dependent on the market. It is made by the folllowing key components.
  • CIS (Customer Information System), to manage Metering-to-Cash process
  • CRM, to respond to customer management needs
  • Accounting & Logistics, for the financial and asset management used to produce energy
  • Field Service Management, through which OverIT approaches Energy & Utilities companies characterized by complex scheduling activities and work planning thanks to two dedicated solutions:
    • Geocall, to manage and plan the workforce
    • SPACE1, to manage Augmented / Virtual Reality (AR, MR, VR) for operators of plants and transmission infrastructures to carry out guided operating procedures.

Over 150 companies (serving over 30 million end customers) with offices in Italy, Spain and South America, recognize Net@Suite for the scalability and functionality of its billing engine, and for a strong support in reducing time-to-market .

Home EnergIA & Mobile Energy

The solution covers the IOT / Behind the Meter component for the renewable energy market and takes into account the rules on the liberalization of the national market regarding Smart Grid and Smart Metering. It enables compliance with the new digital business requirements through:
  • Home EnergIA : it helps you to better understand the behavior of your electronic devices (how they consume, how to save energy), offering advice targeted to the individual homes thanks to smart meter devices and cloud algorithms
  • Mobile Energy : the solution for the supply of electricity sharing services through access to recharging infrastructures, both new and existing, which allows access to access energy in "everytime-everywhere" mode, allowing the customer to both play the roles of consumer and producer.

We are present with our platform in the Utilities customer market in 40% of the water market, 50% of the gas market and 60% of the electricity market (excluding meters managed by Enel), with around 60 million bills issued each year and over 150 companies (serving over 30 million end customers) with offices in Italy, Spain and South America.

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Smart Energy & Utilities

We evolve business models and processes along the entire energy chain, according to the paradigms of Digital Transformation.

Case Study

E.ON: Extra Commodity services for green energy

Flexibility and Cross-selling: our solution improves VAS services, extending the commercial strategies of a leading company in the field of renewable energy.

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A reliable and flexible system of digital payments for AMAP

With NET@PAY we support the collection and payment processes for the municipalities within the metropolitan city of Palermo, offering a flexible and secure solution that conforms with the AGID directive and PagoPA circuit.

Case Study

A custom-made product configurator

We supported a key player of the European Utility market in the implementation of a technical configurator to manage the product catalogue and commercial proposals.

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Ruzzo Reti: cutting-edge services

Thanks to our solution, 150.000 users will be able to use a unique and complete dashboard to check their water consumption.

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Case Study

Billing bcomes smart

Different functionalities on the basis of specific types of documents and end customers: the customisation of our Utilities Digital Platform for a flexible and dynamic billing.