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CO-VERSATILE: a better response of production plants in the event of pandemics

A research project to reduce the rigidity of the manufacturing sector and respond effectively to emergency situations.

Approach & Solution

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The COVID pandemic has highlighted the rigidity of the manufacturing sector to adapt to different situations and respond effectively in time of emergency.

In addition, it has been highlighted a strong dependence on the supply of raw materials from non-EU countries, which in exceptional situations can be inaccessible, effectively blocking the production of essential medical equipment, such as surgical masks, artificial respirators or sanitizing sprays.

The project develops the technology and services for the rapid adaptation of the systems and the production of medical equipment with a response within 48 hours in 7 different refence plants.
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CO-VERSATILE proposes a structured process with progressive releases according to an iterative cycle "Build, Measure, Learn", that can be replicated in different plants. The project develops the simulation of production chains for the optimization of processes, the reduction of tooling times and a supply chain risk analysis. It supports the determination of vulnerability and dependence of the production process on raw materials, identifying supply alternatives to reduce this risk.

Engineering develops a software layer capable of making the industrial production robotic system more flexible and quickly reconfigurable. It also provides its own Space1 AR/VR platform to support training, knowledge sharing and remote collaboration activities.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 101016070.
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