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From dealer
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With Cloud and Advanced Analytics we simplified each phase of the sales and assistance process of one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe.

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Over 150 production plants, nearly 100 R&D centers, retailers and distributors in over 150 countries, thousands of dealers, tens of millions of vehicles circulating around the world, and hundreds of thousands of spare parts sold. These are the numbers of one of the most important European car manufacturers, who needed to use tools that could simplify every phase of the sales and service process of their cars: from managing the initial budget to financing and after-sales service.


Engineering has provided the manufacturer with a B2B Cloud platform that, through the management and analysis of data, allows the sharing of necessary information with all the links in the supply chain through a single access point: the characteristics of the different vehicles, the orders, the stocks, the spare parts, the catalogs and the technical data. Among the many advantages, our solution makes it possible to automate orders and communications to speed up activities among all the members of the chain, avoiding errors, and ensures compliance with the regulations and specifications of the country in which it is used.


+92% of customers managed in 24 hours

Rapid information to customers

Easier sales and after sales processes

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