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Veneto Region:
Biosurveillance against Covid-19

Thanks to Eng-DE4Bios, our integrated biosurveillance platform, the Veneto Region maps and geolocates subjects infected by Coronavirus in real time, allowing doctors and local authorities to work safely.

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Stopping Covid-19 emergency using data. It happens for Veneto Region and Azienda Zero, thanks to Eng-DE4Bios, our data-driven and cloud-native biosurveillance system that collects data from different sources, integrates and harmonizes it showing an updated view of the epidemic. Based on Digital Enabler, it geolocates infected people and identifies clusters at risk.

It allows to identify the density of the phenomena in a defined territory, enabling health authorities to decide on restrictive rules for people mobility and access to critical areas. It carries out predictive analyses identifying where Covid-19 is most likely to expand, so as to organize healthcare facilities in time.


"The Covid-19 emergency allowed us to perceive the actual value of data that Public Administrations already manage. Ecosystem platforms capable of integrating heterogeneous and transversal data sources, combined with data analytics models that extract knowledge from these crossings, have created and will create important tools to support public health governance.

We have to focus on these aspects to avoid being unprepared when the next pandemic hits our country. In order to protect the community, public health must in fact have a global and integrated vision of all data relating to the clinical-health sector, families, workers and the safety of production activities, students and training activities, to residential in nursing homes. The management of all this information allows immediate prevention actions and a real time control of the evolution of epidemics both from a clinical and social point of view."

Arianna Cocchiglia, Director Innovation & Partnerships Healthcare, Engineering


Eng-DE4Bios provides:
  • general practitioners with a view of their patients, detailing who has carried out screening tests as well as a tool to appropriately approach patients
  • occupational doctors with real-time indicators of positive Covid-19 cases within the businesses they assist, a view on workers who carried out the tests, the possibility of recording the results of tests carried out by the business, a tool to apply the correct protocols and safely approach work activities
  • operators of healthcare organizations with indicators on the evolution of the epidemic, a georeferenced view of the tests carried out (their outcome and the analysis of the family, residence and work context of the examined subject), a view to evaluate, real time, the available workforce within organizations, and to monitor clusters at risk (nursing homes, housing contexts with many positive cases)
  • members of the Task Force / Regional Crisis Unit with a view to monitor real time the epidemic and carry out epidemiological simulations, identify clusters that require high attention (nursing homes, positivized families), a georeferenced view of the tests carried out on the territory, of aggregated positive cases and the operational status of all regional structures.


Identify new subjects on whom to carry out tests

Define strategies and intervention priorities

Identify and predict the areas most at risk

Fight the contagion

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