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Digital Transformation hits the gas

How our SAP solutions evolved the information systems and performance of an international leader in the production of instruments and equipment for the energy sector.

Approach & Solution



Our customer is a leading manufacturer of instruments and equipment for the control of gas. The company was founded in Central Europe more than 100 years ago, but it has overcome many challenges throughout history thanks to a dynamic approach, and a continued focus on the excellence of its products.
Today, our customer has thousands of employees in more than 60 countries, never ceasing to innovate and renew itself.

Our Engineering team has been a dedicated partner in this regard, as we supported the customer on a project that involved dozens of plants, logistics centers and service facilities around the world. The scope of the project covered the digitalization of many different processes to make them increasingly more integrated and uniform within the enterprise, thereby facilitating the large-scale management of global operations.


The project is based on the use of SAP S/4HANA and DiVE, our proprietary software suite.
It consisted of the following macro-activities:
  • The standardization of the different systems that are part of the main corporate information system.
  • Greater control of high value-added production (automotive and aerospace sectors).
  • The development of an intra-group supply chain to support all markets quickly and effectively.
  • The “digitalization” of the factory.
  • More efficient data collection and integration with the ERP system.
  • Automatic calculation of efficiency indicators.
  • Integration with the technical department.


Better information in high value-added production

Reliable collection of data and information from production

Reduced downtime and operating costs

Better control of planning

Reduced use of paper

Project value

Process performance

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