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Assets Predictive Analysis, Monitoring & Integration

DiVE - Digital Virtualization Experience

Digital Platform for Asset Integration, Performance Monitoring and Predictive Analysis

The Digital Virtualization Experience Suite is an initiative aimed to design and deliver a smart, modular, flexible and Industry 4.0-compliant suite of products to the market.

With an application framework based on best-in-class technology platforms, DiVE enables companies to digitally collect and analyze field data, predict and prevent potential malfunctioning of machines and tools, and anticipate and prevent negative trends in the quality of their manufacturing processes.


DiVE has been designed to be easily integrated into multilayer data and systems architectures (Edge, Fog, Cloud) through the most advanced technologies.

DiVE is made up of several collaborating modules that, while giving the greater added value when used together, may be individually adopted providing, each one, a state-of-the-art solution for a specific need for communication, supervision, data analysis, information distribution, maintenance scheduling.

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Digital Industry

Our Digital Thread supports and guides manufactures as they navigate the demands, challenges and complexities of Digital Transformation.

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Engineering Blockchain solutions enable the Digital Transformation of public and private organizations.

Case Study

Industry 4.0 for the ice cream production

Smart production control is now possible thanks to DiVE: a platform for gathering and analysing data using innovative digital dashboards.

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Predictive maintenance in the digital factory

Reducing processing time and costs, optimising the efficiency of machinery and preventing damage are key elements of the new Industry 4.0-oriented digital maintenance.