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A new approach to training on Cybersecurity

We provide training on Cybersecurity to employees of an important Italian Municipality, through storytelling and the application of real cases.

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Considering the particular sensitivity of data processed by public administrations, it is increasingly necessary to train employees and officials on potential risks related to data protection. Several studies indicate that in the case of hypothetical phishing campaigns, almost half of users click on malicious links; the percentage increases for those users that would provide their credentials.
A large Municipality in northern Italy acknowledged these risks, also in the light of the new European regulations (GDPR), and decided to increase employees' awareness on IT security. Thus, in collaboration with Cybertech, a company of the Engineering Group, they decided to provide their employees with a specific training.


Through Cybertech, we involved around 14,000 Municipality employees in an online training program, which is flexibly adopted through a dedicated Moodle platform.

The peculiarity of this kind of training lies in the type of contents offered: they consist in photo stories or sketches of real situations, which provide a practical guide on the correct use of digital tools, computers or mobile devices.
Furthermore, the project initially began with an experimental phase, in order to collect feedback from users, to then involve all employees.


Flexibility of training tools

14,000 employees trained in Cybersecurity

Improvement of the Municipality's security level

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Cybertech (Engineering Group)