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Mass Retailing (Re)Organized

Digital technologies help optimize the scheduling of work shifts for one of the major players in large-scale retail distribution in Italy.

Approach & Solution



We collaborated with a major Italian company operating in the mass retail market to evolve its staff management.
After a careful analysis of checkout staff shift management, we calculated the demand curves that can predict the required workload depending on work peaks, opening hours and sales forecasts with high accuracy. The result was based on historical sales data and the promotional marketing plan.


Based on this approach, we were able to optimize the scheduling of checkout staff and propose a management method known as “island-based.” The model is based on focused planning of working hours, presences and absences, and supports both checkout staff and their direct manager.

Our solution, based on the “Invision” platform, is therefore able to provide significant support for Work Force Management processes. Thanks to our solution, checkout staff can report and suggest (even from a mobile device) presences/absences at the shop, in full compliance with the objective of satisfying the demand curve foreseen by the system.


Easier planning activities of the island manager

Better work shift definition process and easier planning activities

Reduction of possible “conflicts” between employees

Compliance with the demand curves

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Project Team

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