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Thanks to Cybertech, Jordanians have completely secure access to Public Administration online services.

Approach & Solution

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In this hyperconnected world, where most transactions and operations are perfomed online, platforms need to be developed to create digital identities for citizens to access Public Administration services from anywhere, via any device and, most importantly, completely securely.

Large international institutions, from the World Bank to the UN, are working towards this as a 2030 goal. Jordan is among the countries that have chosen to provide all citizens with a digital ID; to this end, the MoICT (Jordanian Ministry of Information and Communication Technology) turned to Cybertech, part of the Engineering Group, for a solution to guarantee the secure management of the digital identities of its citizens and employees of the Jordanian government.


Thanks to Cybertech's experience in the field of information security, Jordanians will have remote access to online services and digital signatures, whilst PA employees will be able to use the portal to administer and manage the online content, using digital signatures to sign official documents.

Specifically, the solution offered by Cybertech will enable users to access the eGov and eServices portals completely remotely, use the post-entry functions to edit the information recorded (email, address, phone number), as well as managing the smartcard features (PIN change, data synchronisation, certificate renewal). All citizens will be able to submit a digital ID request via a special self-registration process that can be carried out remotely on a computer or smartphone.

The implementation of this Digital Signature Engine solution marks an important step forward for digital transformation in the interaction between the Jordanian government and its citizens.


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