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In Sardinia healthcare is more and more human-centric

With us, the Sardinia Region puts more than 1 million and a half citizens at the centre of an ecosystem that allows to rule all the healthcare processes, improving care and assistance services.

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Making economic, financial, logistic and personnel management efficient plays a central role in healthcare organizations today. We know this well, because, for over twenty years, we have been supporting most of the ASLs (local health authorities), hospitals and Regions in this area. Actually, about 60% of all Italian public health payrolls are processed through Engineering.

SISaR ("Integrated Regional Health Information System") is a one of a kind experience for Italy, insofar as Sardinia is the only Region to have implemented a single integrated IT system for the governance of all healthcare processes: directional, administrative and all those relating to healthcare. This project involved not only the Region, but also 8 territorial organizations, 3 hospitals and the health emergency service.


The entire system was created with our organizational and technological contribution using the modules of the AREAS® healthcare platform, which allowed us to innovate and harmonize all the management and care processes serving over 1.5 million citizens.

The interventions on the accounting, financial and logistics management front, as well as on the HR front (attendance monitoring, payroll calculation, training and organization), were among the most challenging aspects of the entire project. The complexity lies not only in the annual volumes handled (1.6 million accounting documents, over 300 thousand payrolls, 180 warehouses) but also in the important changes that have taken place over the years: organizational mergers, harmonization of procedures, new regulatory requirements, and so on.


Managing more than 300,000 payrolls and 180 warehouses

More accurate monitoring capacity

Reducing routine activities performed by operators

Serving over 1.5 million citizens

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