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Mixed Reality for virtual training

Nice tests the virtual training

Training 4.0 becomes a reality with virtual training for technicians all over the world: with Mixed Reality technologies, you can enter virtual rooms with 3D models and multimedia content, collaborating in real time.

Approach & Solution



Nice is an international point of reference in the field of automation: it designs and manufactures a wide range of products and solutions in the domotics sector that permit creation of a complete system for the integrated management of each space. The customer carries out hundreds of training sessions for a technical support network distributed worldwide. Training takes place both in special dedicated training rooms and by organizing training sessions around the world. In this case, the company must manage logistics aspects for machinery and personnel that affect costs and execution times.


Using Microsoft HoloLens technology, we implemented a project that allows the customer to bring into contact, in real time, the instructor and technicians to be trained, exploiting the potential of Mixed Reality. In this vision of digital factory we therefore implemented a Training 4.0 project in which the instructor conducts lessons using a virtual classroom, where he/she can show the virtual machines, interact with them, activate multimedia content and allow technicians to take part remotely and in an interactive way in lessons, as if they were present in a real classroom.


With our skills in the Mixed Reality sector, we developed a virtual training project that gives the customer: - Optimal logistics management for training activities, with a reduction in costs and times, and an increase in overall performance.
- Continuous availability of technical component data.
- Perception of 3D objects as if they were real.
- Multilingual support.

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