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Nuove frontiere per la fidelizzazione del cliente

New frontiers for customer loyalty

A new digital omnichannel tool, realized in partnership with TIBCO, is facilitating customer relationships for a world leader in the energy industry.

Approach & Solution



For an optimal customer relationship management process, today’s large companies cannot do without simple, efficient and reliable digital tools.

Our Client- one of the world’s leading players in the energy industry, with over 30,000 employees worldwide - needed to replace its outdated CRM software with an advanced and innovative tool, characterised by two key features:
  • Omnichannel management (e-mail, sms, social media, etc.) of Marketing Campaigns, beneficial for supporting the various scenarios and initiatives envisioned by the Client’s Digital Programme.
  • Integration with Salesforce, in order to automate the management of multi-channel campaigns, integrating it with other, existing systems.


Our solution was based on AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services), using TIBCO software for the integration between the mobile app front end and the Salesforce systems (Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud modules) and a work approach based on the AGILE methodology.
In particular, the solution included an API Management layer, through the adoption of the TIBCO Cloud Mashery API, which guarantees not only an easy management of the implemented microservices, but also the security requirements desired by the Client.

The integration was implemented through the use of the TIBCO Integration Cloud, through which a number of API microservices have been implemented, acting as a communication bus with the target system (Salesforce).


3-month project implementation

1.8+ million daily events managed

Client’s performance targets exceeded (+40%)

3rd party software integration

Omnichannel customer management

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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