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New access and payment channels for Netflix

We are integrating our Client's digital entertainment offering with Netflix, allowing the user to pay directly with mobile phone credit.

Approach & Solution



Our Client is one of the largest telecommunication companies worldwide, with tens of thousands of employees; the project has been carried out for our Client's Brazilian subsidiary. Our Client also provides entertainment contents, which are transmitted using digital platforms previously developed by Engineering.
This time, our collaboration aimed at facing an impactful challenge:
  • Integrating the existing offering with Netflix's movies, documentaries and TV series.
  • Allowing final users to choose their subscription plan and pay it directly with mobile phone credit.


In order to meet Client's needs, we developed an interface module and integrated it on another Client's platform, which Engineering previously provided, for the management of Value Added Services (VAS).

Our solution manages users' payments both in autonomous mode, from the data available within the platform, and in "trigger" mode, if payments are invoked by Netflix. In the end, we also created a module allowing the final customer to manage the activation or cancellation of the Netflix subscription.

The project has reinforced the partnership with the Client, adding to a number of different activities that we have already carried out with the Client (e.g. trade order management, legacy systems integration - CRM and Billing).


Client: extended digital offering

Netflix: access to a new customer base

Users: vast library of multimedia contents

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