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How can digital payments be increased by more than 300%? By using a solution that facilitates the management of digital payments and their use by clients: our solution.

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A foreign multinational company operating in Italy for the refining and distribution of petroleum products wanted to give strong impetus to the management of private-label payment systems. The idea was to evolve of its offer in the digital payments sector and to introduce new functionalities.
It works in a mature market in which it acts as a leader, thanks to the strategic vision of its business and the ability to continuously transform its offer.


Our proprietary solution, Hycards, provided the following functionalities:
  • Dynamic PINs with random or chosen code.
  • Customizable daily, monthly and annual spending limiter.
  • Opening to the MyBank and PayPal circuits for topping up fidelity cards.
  • Accumulation of credits on refueling and other credits, convertible into fuel discount coupons or partner coupons.
  • Mutual acceptance of fuel card payments with other oil companies.
  • Cross-selling operations with the Large-scale Retail sector (partial payments of refueling using partner coupons).

In addition, with our experts, we have developed the J-amp solution for digital payments, through which users handle the two types of cards provided to business customers directly via mobile app.


New approach to dematerialization

Increase in annual payments by 310%

250,000 new fuel cards in circulation

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