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Rome Capital of digital payment

Rome Capital of digital payment

Digital transformation in revenue management: Engineering innovates the interaction between citizens of Rome and administration in a smart city perspective.

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The Municipal administration has been a pioneer in offering digital services to its citizens since the early 2000s. A strategic activity that is more than ever relevant today, given the participation of Rome in the plan for innovation and in the Italian digital agenda, and considering the growing need for a modern, simple and multi-device interaction between citizens and public administration.


Our company is at the heart of this service, providing the technologies and skills needed to enable the digitalization of processes related to tax declarations and the digital payment of fees, contributions and fines of different types. All this was done by using various tools (Home Banking, credit cards, etc.), and through agreements made with payment institutions of various types (banks, Poste Italiane, etc.).
In this way, our experts have made a wide range of digital services available to citizens.
"PAGO", the solution for digital and online payments, is certainly worthy of note and is recognized as one of the most valid solutions at national level and was adopted under the "ELISA" program for encouraging innovation in public administrations.


Participation to the Italian Plan for the Digital Agenda

Streamlining of bureaucracy and efficiency

Regulatory compliance

Higher revenue for Roma Capitale

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies


Project Team

Municipia (Engineering Group)