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By automating and digitising their processes, farming businesses can make the management of their funding and transactions more efficient and transparent.

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The opportunities for digitally transforming processes represent an essential tool that public administration (PA) can use to improve the efficiency and transparency of its services.
At Engineering, we have long supported the public sector with innovative projects and solutions covering a range of activities and institution types. A concrete example of our response to the challenges associated with Agriculture 4.0 is our “Sistema Informativo AGricoltura” (SIAG: “Agricultural Information System”), a new proprietary platform developed for AGREA, the Emilia Romagna Regional Agency for Agricultural Payments.
Drawing on our technical specialists’ expertise, we deployed free and open-source technologies to give SIAG an innovative modular and scalable architecture.


In developing SIAG, we have enabled AGREA to manage the entire administrative process used for delivering EU, national and regional agriculture-related aid to farmers, from funding applications to payment clearance. Functionalities include:
  • Collecting and updating the farm’s business file.
  • Collecting the applications for funding and managing the entire procedure through to clearance and payment.
  • Monitoring the progress of funding and its distribution across the region.
  • Monitoring, ex-post, any EU funds that are paid out and the information contained in the farm’s business file (such as territorial and livestock consistency, production data, etc.).


Involving more than 9 billion € from 2007

Simplifying more than 2 million agricultural procedures

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