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Emilia Region:
Labor Information System

Digital transformation in active labor policies for encouraging dialogue between institutions and individuals.

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An efficient labor market is based on optimal conditions of intersection between supply and demand that create effective links among citizens, businesses, public institutions and all structures involved in the process, such as the company register. The Labor Information System (SIL) has fulfilled this function for over ten years, from its first implementation in Emilia Romagna to the current situation with Calabria, Puglia, Umbria, Valle d'Aosta and the Autonomous Province of Trento also connected.


The system is a modular solution for the management of:
  • Services provided by employment centers, such as orientation, collection of job offers from companies and collection of workers' availability and skills.
  • Administrative events in application of national and regional legislation.
  • Self-service multi-channel front-office, dedicated to simplifying access to services by companies and those seeking work positions.
  • Processing and quality of data in maximum security, with analysis and reporting services to support operational governance and decisions on the definition of direction.

SIL is an example of excellence in the re-use of software in the PA, of shared management of project developments and of the methods for transposing national legislation, as well as effective interoperability between local and central levels. The system is aligned with the contents of the Three-Year Plan in the Public Administration, the document produced by AgID and the Digital Transformation Team.


130,000 applications from the "Youth Guarantee" program

Used by 4,000 operators of Employment Centers

Over 500,000 companies registered

Over 8 million workers recorded

Over 5 million mandatory notifications annually

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AI & Advanced Analytics  

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