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Digital transformation for Health 4.0: a new intelligent sales platform to support medical sales representatives (MSRs).

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Our client is a North European multinational ranked as one of the biggest and most important biopharmaceutical companies in the world, present in more than 100 countries with over 50,000 employees.
The control of sales performance is a critical factor in a complex sector such as pharmaceuticals. Our customer company therefore felt the need to innovate business processes and the tools of Sales Intelligence in support of management.

Since 2004, we at Engineering have partnered with our client for SAS projects in the MSR field that use Sales Force/Veeva for profiling the doctor visited and recording visits with the product being promoted and the promotional material delivered.


With our experts we created a cluster of expertise in partnership with the customer, for processing the requirements of Sales Intelligence with the benefits of digital transformation and system architectures in cloud.

The data analyzed with the SAS BusinessIntelligence and VisualAnalitycs platform, concern:
  • Multidimensional sales with variance analysis.
  • Sales by customer and Customer File production.
  • Geo-referenced Medical-Scientific Sales Representative (MSSR) data benchmarked with competitors and dynamic evaluation of Region and ASL (Local Health Authority) through bubble analysis.
  • MSSR data with MS type indexes, differences with respect to previous period, absorption and index of evolution.
  • "My doctors" dashboard to offer information to MSR (and AM) for evaluating the effectiveness of activity in terms of visits, visit goals, coverage (doctors visited/total), visit frequency, percentage of variation in profiling of doctors over the period, index of visits to several MSRs in the same period, days of scientific activity with respect to the goal.


Our client considers us a reliable and qualified partner, able to satisfy their needs through our experience of Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solutions, combined with Design flexibility attributes.

This has allowed to the company to optimize the activities of the MSRs through:
- Sophisticated comparative analysis with market competitors;
- Analysis of paying bodies (regions and ASLs);
- Evaluation of performance indexes of MSRs;
- Availability of useful information for visit management.

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