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Smartwatch: secret of efficiency

In the digital factory, the smartwatch allows you to work on the move for optimal and efficient management of working time.

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Our client is one of the largest automotive groups in terms of number of vehicles produced. In order to spend less time on the assembly line,the client requested a solution that would allow some operations to be performed - such as the possibility of confirming activities carried out - without having to move between workstations.


With our industrial robotics experts, we used our DiVE HMI - Smartwatch solution based on the Samsung Gear S. Smartwatch device. It consists of a graphical interface for data presentation, a message manager and a customized part according to business needs.
In our solution we envisaged integration of the smartwatch device with the production control system (Manufacturing Execution System - MES) and business management systems, with the advantage of being able to receive the lists of operations to be performed and send confirmation of execution of activities.


With our DiVE - HMI - Smartwatch solution we enabled the client customer to reduce the time taken to perform actions on the assembly line with the possibility of confirming operations directly via the wearable device, without moving to a fixed location. We also made it possible to acquire accurate information on operations and increase operational safety, since it is possible to notify the team leader directly by clicking on the device in the event of having to stop that it is necessary to stop the assembly line.

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