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Smart maintenance

The Internet of Things facilitates monitoring and maintenance of one of Italian's largest highway networks.

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Our client is one of Europe's most extensive toll highway networks and, with thousands of kilometers of network, serves tens of regions and provinces in Italy.

In order to manage such dimensions it is necessary to adopt systems that are able to facilitate monitoring and maintenance activities. Therefore our experts collaborated with the customer for the standardization of plant maintenance activities through the development of a field service management and workforce management platform based on our proprietary Geocall system, which comes into play in three specific areas:
  • Processes in the field of plant maintenance (budget, planning, scheduling and dispatching, execution and final accounting, monitoring, control and reporting, master data management).
  • Systems to support plant maintenance and integration flows.
  • Master data of integrated information to support maintenance processes.


Through our platform and the use of technologies related to the Internet of Things we have supported the client in the following activities:
  • Asset censusing and centralized and integrated management of respective master data.
  • Management of operational maintenance and field support processes, enabling:direct planning of activities via Android tablet synchronized with the company database; final online accounting of activities; localization of operational resources.
  • Monitoring of the state of deterioration of highway sections and of verification of highway structures, roadworks and maintenance works.


The solution has supported our client in the censusing and management of millions of assets for hundreds of field technicians who handle over 500 thousand maintenance operations every year. A significant work with great impact for our client, which can now count on a platform able to facilitate and make daily maintenance work more efficient.

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