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With DiVE, we optimized the usage of Big Data to virtualize the production line of a leading company in food packaging, improving its monitoring.

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Innovating processes by adapting them to the Industry 4.0 paradigm. To face this challenge, a leading company in the food packaging sector has decided to direct its Digital Transformation on the acquisition of data from the field, the introduction of new standards to measure its quality and their monitoring in real time through different kinds of visualization.


The company achieved its innovation goals by using DiVE, Engineering's digital platform for asset integration, performance monitoring and predictive analytics. Were used three suite modules:
  • DiVE Virtual Plant, to acquire and standardize production machinery data from different sources through various protocols, enabling the virtualization of the plant
  • DiVE MAPs, to run performance analyses, based on the monitoring of production counters and KPIs, and to deliver reports, navigable dashboards and synoptic pages which transmit real-time or historical information
  • DiVE Andon, to make data directly available in plants, close to the production processes.


Complete business consultancy service

New data presentation standards

A single interface for monitoring the process

Uniform and standardized data from machines

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Process performance

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