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With our solution for advanced monitoring of the vineyard we support and make wine production more efficient.

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Combining innovation and craftsmanship

DE4Vines is designed for all winegrowers, consortia of farmers and wine producers who want to improve the quality of their production, whatever size of their business.

The solution combines the digital with a world made of craftsmanship, passion, experience and personal memory, key elements for Italian winemakers, who make our country an excellence in the wine sector.
DE4Vines - How Does It Work

How Does DE4Vines Work?

DE4Vines (Digital Enabler for Vines) is a management platform that delivers specialized decision support systems for the vine. The system uses weather data collected from a station or a set of sensors placed in the vineyard. Users can set specific phenological phases for each vine variety and use self-adaptive evolutionary models. The system, based on meteorological data, provides information on the state of the crop, using forecasting models for major fungal diseases and insects, also identifying water stress conditions.

  • Low-cost system
  • Simple installation
  • Support of specialized team

  • Reduced costs of crop processes
  • Increased soil yield
  • Increased product quality
  • Reduced environmental impact of crop processes

Main Features

The application is specifically dedicated to winegrowers and to farmers' consortia. It offers diversified features according to the role of the user: landowner, agronomist consultant, agriculture worker, consortium manager. A web application is available on mobile and desktop.

Platform functions are grouped into the following main areas:

  • Agrometeorological monitoring
  • Crop operations
  • Forecasting models
  • Plant protection product database
  • Profile of the farm

The application allows to select the reference field for the farm and to display in the main dashboard a single panel that summarizes the main information: active alerts from the forecast models, weather trend for the last seven days, weather forecasts for the next seven days, current phenological phase.