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Innovative Technologies for Maritime Command & Control

How to deliver a state-of-the-art system that builds an effective Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP)


Provide safety through a state-of-the-art maritime command and control system.


A microservices-based information platform for integrating sensors and managing heterogeneous data sets according to the standards of NATO.

It includes an advanced GIS (Geographic Information System) for displaying processing results, planning maritime and underwater operations. Suitable for the management of synthetic RMPs and underwater imagery.


Collecting heterogeneous data from different sources.

Processing the collected data to create and display an effective RMP (Recognised Maritime Picture) including the underwater picture.

Provision of a range of functionalities to assist the user in planning maritime and underwater operations.

Native interfaces to Collaborative Messaging Solution (CMS) and military messaging systems.

Expected Results

Improves functionality and enhances performance

Makes secure messaging more manageable


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