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Motore Sanità Tech: Home Care

Motore Sanità Tech: Home Care

Engineering is a partner in the training project of the Academy of Motore Sanità.

April 07 2021

The Motore Sanità Tech Academy deals with the themes of technological and digital innovation applied to the world of healthcare with particular attention to the economic sustainability of their use.

In line with the company's path of involving all the players involved in the development of new models and solutions for the Health System, Engineering is a partner in the Academy's training project.

The webinar of 7 April dedicated to Home Care and Telemedicine will see the alternation of skills and sensitivity around the issues of citizen involvement, concrete implementation (with the experience in the ASL of Foggia), design and development of solutions applications (with the intervention of Engineering), and the protection of personal data.

Speakers for Engineering:

  • Natalia Pianesi, Public Administration and Healthcare Consulting Director 
  • Giulia Pellizzon, Healthcare Innovation Project Manager

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