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The diffusion and degree of maturity of CRM among Italian companies

The diffusion and degree of maturity of CRM among Italian companies

In-depth webinar on the results of the CRM Observatory.

December 02 2021

The CRM Observatory is an independent research carried out since 2015 by C-Direct Consulting with the aim of investigating and monitoring the approach and technologies used by Italian companies to manage their Customer Base and related processes. The aim is to monitor the spread and degree of maturity of CRM among Italian companies, analyzing the variations compared to previous years and identifying trends, opportunities and problems.

This year the Observatory, created in collaboration with Engineering's CRM & CX Consulting team, conducted a survey focused on Digital Transformation.

On this topic, on December 2 (11:30-12:30) an in-depth Webinar will be held that will talk about the first results obtained from the survey.

Almost 400 companies have so far participated in the CRM 2021 Observatory and the results that are emerging, again this year, are indicative of the changing trends taking place in Italian companies.

Here are some previews of the first insights that will be unveiled on December 2nd:

  • 69% of respondents state that they have a CRM system, a technology that is now mature but still growing compared to 2020.
  • 62% of companies have started a process of digital transformation of their relational processes. The main technologies that have been introduced for the digitization of Customer-Company interactions are:
    • 81% CRM
    • 71% eCommerce
    • 61% Marketing Automation
    • 54% Advanced Analytics.
  • Marketing appears to be the priority company area in the digitization of customer and prospect management processes.

To know all the insights and results that have emerged so far in this edition register now for the Webinar by filling out THIS FORM.


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