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Engineering takes its ISV software Net@Suite solution for utilities onto Oracle Cloud at Customer, and the Net@Suite Cloud Edition is born

Engineering takes its ISV software Net@Suite solution for utilities onto Oracle Cloud at Customer, and the Net@Suite Cloud Edition is born

Engineering is the first Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in Italy to offer Oracle Cloud at Customer at its Engineering D.HUB data centers. Recognized with the Oracle Award ISV as Partner of the Year.

Rome, March 20 2018

Engineering, a leader in the field of digital transformation, has seized the opportunity to propose its ISV software Net@Suite offering which is hosted on the Oracle Cloud at Customer (OCC) platform. A new CIS (Customer Information System) solution for the energy & utilities market is thus born, called Net@Suite Cloud Edition, grounded in more than 35 years of experience and leadership.

The solution is the outcome of a major redesign carried out by Engineering. In order to combine the benefits of the Cloud Service with the best security management and data privacy solutions, Engineering has chosen to base its new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering on the Oracle Cloud at Customer solution. It will be delivered by the latest generation data centers operated by Engineering D.HUB, a company which, with an integrated network of four data centers in Italy and a staff of over 850 professionals, constitutes the Group’s Digital Services Cloud Platform and serves more than 330 customers providing services with high added-value digital services.

Net@Suite Cloud Edition, the evolution of a consolidated utilities solution, represents yet another step forward for Engineering as it guides its customers towards the definition of new and more efficient management processes.

By using all the functionalities of the new Cloud Computing paradigm offered by Oracle Cloud at Customer, it enables companies to leverage the benefits of Oracle Cloud while keeping their data in the Engineering D.HUB data center located in Italy without giving up the highest security standards and compliance with the standards that regulate data management and privacy.

Vincenzo Tartuferi, General Manager of the E&U and Telco Department at Engineering said: “As a key player in company digitalization, we feel responsible for guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of services and security. At the same time, in our role as consultants who work to define ever more efficient processes to support the evolutionary paths of each individual firm, we are obliged to anticipate and identify market trends, which often coincide with solutions that combine operational efficiency, scalability and reduced costs. The combination of our Net@Suite solution and Oracle Cloud at Customer concretizes all the advantages of our approach in our new offering, enabling us to provide a Cloud service to our customers with the guarantee that their sensitive data is hosted in Italy, in a specific data center with a definite physical perimeter that is equipped with the highest levels of security and privacy”.

"The adoption of our Cloud at Customer model by Engineering is a very important message for the market and confirms the quality and uniqueness of this proposal, ", explained Robert Scapin, Alliances and Channels Sales Director at Oracle Italia. “Engineering, our Platinum Partner since 2009, is the first independent Italian software vendor to implement this solution at its data center and is using it to create an absolutely distinctive market offering. In recognition of this it received our Oracle Award ISV as Partner of the Year. The fact that the leading Italian group in the IT sector, with a business of international dimensions, has chosen Cloud at Customer is testimony to the strength of our proposal”.

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