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Support for enterprises: Bologna invests in innovative technologies and data analysis

Support for enterprises: Bologna invests in innovative technologies and data analysis

The Municipiality chooses solutions from Municipia (Engineering Group). “Business Information System” is the interactive platform which dynamically photographs the entrepreneurial fabric of the territory.

Milan, December 04 2020

An efficient Data Driven Governance tool at the service of the Municipalities to allow the political decision-maker to adopt measures based on complete and constantly updated information

The Municipality of Bologna is investing in innovative technologies to support local enterprises. The project consists of an interactive platform which makes data from InfoCamere, the Regional Labour Agency and the Municipal Administration available online, allowing them to be analysed for better management of the services offered to the businesses and professionals operating locally. The system paves the way for a full electronic file dedicated to every local business to be prepared in the future.

The purpose of all this is to enable rapid evaluations of economic developments and the impact generated by specific events, first and foremost the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to provide an adequate response for Bologna’s businesses as quickly as possible.
The name of the project — developed by Municipia, a company in the Engineering Group which handles digitalisation for municipalities of all sizes — is  “Business Information System”, and it functions thanks to IT data analysis tools which will be updated on a monthly basis.

"We are in the world of Data Driven Governance– says the President of Municipia, Stefano De Capitani – with a tool which offers the political decision-maker a dynamic and constantly updated knowledge of companies in order to allow him or her to make political and public intervention decisions, adopting measures and activating interventions which react to trends and to the current situation. In this way, local Public Administration is taking a proactive approach towards the territory and those who work there, with targeted policies to provide support and assistance, so that intervention measures can be planned with the real beneficiaries in mind rather than by making assumptions, and so that the impact of those measures is maximised for both the recipients and the Administration. This is the added value that technology brings to cities which are becoming not only more digital, but also more resilient and more sustainable”.

Thanks to this interactive system, it is possible to check the distribution of where Bologna’s businesses are opening and closing throughout the territory, and to classify them based on certain criteria, such as those run by young people or by women. The snapshot of the business landscape provided by the system will be an invaluable source of information in organising public tenders and in determining the direction of administrative interventions.

The database will also be fed with information from the Regional Labour Agency regarding redundancy payments requested and granted, categorised by type of business, in order to help plan timely and coordinated support.

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