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Central Bank Digital Currency

Challenges and opportunities of the new digital currency.

The digital euro will not be made up of coins and banknotes but of data

The digital Euro and the birth of a new economy

The arrival of a "Digital Euro" (also known as “Crypto Euro”) supports the Eurosystem's objectives in terms of driving digitisation, providing citizens with a new form of secure money and contributing to Europe's strategic autonomy.

The digital euro is also a tangible possibility to support the general economic policies of the European Union (EU) and the monetary policies of the European Central Bank (ECB),, to meet the emerging payment needs of a modern economy by offering, in addition to cash, a secure digital asset with advanced features, thereby ensuring the inclusion of the entire population.

But what challenges and benefits are likely to result from introduction of a Digital Currency? And how can a series of requirements and principles be met, including robustness and resilience, security, efficiency, and privacy protection?
Charts that represent the performance of a Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currencies amidst technology and new financial processes

With the introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency, banks face a number of challenges if they are to seize all the opportunities that such an innovation can offer and, at the same time, adapt their internal infrastructures in order to sustain the technological scope of this phenomenon.

In this fast-moving scenario, Nexen, a company of the Engineering Group, has set up an observatory on the topic of CBDCs, to monitor regulatory developments and the consequences that will gradually emerge, offering itself as a partner to support financial institutions in assessing the impact on processes, on the products and services provided and the potential for developing new lines of business.

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