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Centro Ricerche Fiat: Big Data solution

Collect, manage and view Big Data from IoT sensors installed on production lines. Discover DIDA, our Business Intelligence platform, which makes data talk while increasing efficiency.

Approach & Solution



Develop innovative solutions for the European manufacturing sector. With this objective, OEDIPUS (Operate European Digital Industry with Products and Services) was born, a research project belonging to the Digital Industry Action Line of EIT Digital. One of the results of this initiative is DIDA (Digital Industry Data Analytics), a data analysis platform developed by Engineering and tested with the FIAT Research Center.
DIDA enables the collection, storage, analysis and visualization of a considerable amount of Big Data coming from different sensors placed on the production lines inside an FCA plant, such as those of sensorized welding cells.


DIDA follows the approaches defined for platforms within the Industry 4.0 paradigm (Platform I4.0) and the RAMI 4.0 architectural model. Furthermore, it exploits the existing open source components in the FIWARE and Knowage ecosystem, the Engineering software that supports Business Intelligence, Big Data analysis and advanced data visualization features.
Thanks to these features, DIDA allows to:
  • manage and analyze heterogeneous data even from users without specific IT skills, such as analysts and managers
  • monitor and identify events from production lines
  • have a clear view of the parameters of interest supporting decision-making processes
  • develop different applications aimed, for example, at monitoring the production system and quality control.


Intuitive and dynamic interface provided by Knowage

Easier data analysis

Faster and more informed decision making

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