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A Business Intelligence platform for the collection, management and visualization of big data derived from IoT sensors installed on production lines.

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DIDA (Digital Industry Data Analytics) is a platform for analysing shop floor data, developed by Engineering and tested by the FIAT Research Centre as part of the OEDIPUS project. OEDIPUS (Operated European Digital Industry with Products and Services) is part of EIT Digital’s Digital Industry Action Line and focuses on creating innovative solutions for European actors in the manufacturing sector.

The DIDA Platform makes it possible to collect, store, analyse, filter and visualise a substantial amount of big data from a variety of sensors located on the production lines (e.g. from sensor-equipped welding cells) within an FCA factory.


The platform allows:
  • The easy management and analysis of heterogeneous data, enabling users who lack specific IT skills, such as analysts and managers;
  • Production line events to be monitored and identified.
  • The visibility of relevant parameters, supporting decision-making processes.
  • different applications to be developed, aimed for example at monitoring the production system and controlling quality.

DIDA adheres to the platform approaches set down in the Industry 4.0 model (Platform I4.0) and the RAMI 4.0 architectural model.
In addition, the OEDIPUS DIDA platform takes advantage of the existing open source components of the ecosystem built around FIWARE and Knowage, our proprietary platform which supports business Intelligence, big data analysis and advanced data visualization functions.


Intuitive and dynamic interface provided by Knowage

Easier data analysis

Faster and more informed decision making

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