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Digitalized Accounting for Public Administration

We are the leading partner for the digital transformation of public bodies: we optimize the management of their administrative and accounting processes to ensure efficiency.

Approach & Solution



In recent years, thanks to the many projects in which we participated, we developed extensive expertise on the processes of central and local public administration, with a focus on administrative and accounting processes.

Our solutions are strongly integrated with the IT systems used by public bodies for general accounting activities and are designed to comply with the relevant interoperability standards defined by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID).


Indeed, based on our extensive experience and at the request of an important Italian Ministry, we designed and implemented critical evolutions of the existing information systems, instrumental for the management of financial accounting and economics used to directly support the central administrations of public bodies.

The solution led to the development of key functional innovations, including the use of a transition matrix between financial accounts and income statements for the automatic generation of accounting entries in relation to various events of a financial or economic nature. The solution also brought about significant technological innovations, with a responsive web interface and a microservices-based application architecture, consisting of the following main modules:
  • Balance sheet management
  • Revenue management
  • Liabilities management
  • Payment management
  • Receipt management for orders (for interaction with SIOPE+)
  • Asset management


Modularity and regulatory standardization of administrative and accounting processes

Architecture for the management of multiple or single bodies

Greater effectiveness in the monitoring of the state’s public accounts

More flexible and maintainable microservices-based architecture

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced Analytics

Engineering proprietary products & other technologies


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