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Digital Enabler for La Plata

With our ecosystem platform, we optimize the value of Big Data, provide the city with insights on tourism, environment and health.

Approach & Solution


La Plata is a large city in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, with a population of more than 850,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area. The City was interested in experimenting new technological solutions to create value, trying to gain insight on data related to environment, health and tourism, coming from different city data sources.

To meet this challenge, our proprietary solution "Digital Enabler" has been chosen as the best fitting solution, thanks to its data management capabilities and its analytics functionalities.
The sources from which data were collected were: "Datos abierto de La Plata", Open Weather Maps services and Open APIs of the weather station distributed around the city.


Our solution follows a clear process: Firstly, we perform a data source assessment via the Discovery Engine. Subsequently data sources are harmonized, using the FIWARE Data Model and the Data Mashup Editor, and then elaborated through Dashboard Manager, a functionality of "Knowage", our proprietary platform for business intelligence.
This process led to the development of three dashboard, one for each category of required data:
  • Tourism, to show Points of Interest, such as: cultural centers, museums and events.
  • Environment, for information about air quality and pollution.
  • Health, with information about hospitals and car accidents.

Furthermore, La Plata Open Data Portal (a dataset provided by the city) has been federated and harmonized too, with the aim to allow citizens to build their own dashboard depending on the chosen information.


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