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Florence: City of Art
and Smart Mobility

Integrating processes and information for smart mobility: the case of Florence.

Approach & Solution



The Municipality of Florence, through its subsidiary Servizi alla Strada S.p.A., needed to simplify and improve the management of mobility in the city.

In particular:

  • improve the process of issuing and managing permits both from the point of view of service to the citizen and the use of internal resources
  • simplify the work of operators; obtain a unitary database concerning the various circulation/parking permits issued in the municipality
  • create the conditions for better control by the competent bodies and therefore for the fight against abusiveness and evasion
  • create a flexible platform to guarantee the management of any new types of permits in the future, also open to a possible future integration with additional instrumental monitoring and control systems, such as parking monitoring systems, new access control systems to ZTL, transit control systems on reserved lanes, etc.


Florence has revolutionized all aspects of management and control of city mobility, parking and related permits, centralizing all operational activities on a perfectly integrated ecosystem, based on the INES Cloud platform.

The solution allows you to manage and control, thanks to a single and completely centralized platform, all aspects of mobility and parking. With more than 100 different reports, INES Cloud allows you to monitor in real time all aspects of mobility including the occupation of individual parking spaces, traffic flows and revenues. Historical data analysis tools allow you to collect statistical data on the basis of which to plan and manage the mobility infrastructure more efficiently and better understand the needs of the city in advance.

To give a sign of technological revolution in the metropolitan area of Florence, Servizi alla Strada S.p.A. has focused mainly on: parking payment, online permit provision and tourist bus monitoring systems


Reduction of evasion and charges due to cash management

Simplification of roadside inspection processes

Improved administrative control process and data reporting

Analysis of the flows/presence of vehicles in the municipal area

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Process performance

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AI and Advanced Analytics

Engineering proprietary products & other technologies

INES Cloud

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