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Global Travel Security (GTS)

Global Travel Security

The GTS project aims at managing the process of authorization and coordination of travel for ENEL's personnel in a structured way, providing a permanent channel of contact both for receiving support or operational and logistical information.

Approach & Solution



The business challenge converged on two different themes:
  • compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 81/08, that is establishing a prevention and protection service, assess and inform workers about the risks that may arise during travel, draw up risk assessment documents and appoint all the persons to support the process.
  • monitoring and coordination of the entire "Travel" process of its personnel from opening of the request up to centralized management of information related to traveling personnel.


The project required a total of 3 months of work, employed about 10 professionals in the field and finally ensured access to the implemented functionalities for the ENEL personnel involved, or a basin of around 6,600 users. With reference to these two macro-goals, we therefore proceeded with:
  • Creation of a control room able to monitor all travel in real time, distribution of structured contents (Security Travel Guide, Health Guide, Security Handbook and travel documents) but, above all, dispatching of geolocalized alerts, taking them and integrating both open sources (for example, for natural and health emergencies) and paid sources (for example, regarding geopolitical risk maps related to the specific business sector). A significant effort was finally made in terms of realization for implementation of the OD Operating Dashboard, summary views on the main safety indicators.
  • Creation of mobile Apps (IOS and Android) that would ensure access to all the information available from the control room for traveling staff, notification of any changes with respect to what had been booked through the company systems, activation of emergencies at various levels up to requests for exfiltration. The apps also provided for the set up of direct communication channels with the control room via chat, call and video call.

The project achieved its objectives with an Open Source solution that cut the costs of purchasing SW licenses, ensuring a lower cost of application management and guaranteeing good levels of scalability, security, performance and support. Currently, around 60,000 travels/year are managed.


The following are the most significant project benefits worthy of note:
• Full compliance with Legislative Decree no. 81/08, with consequent reduction of legal and administrative risks.
• The introduction of new, advanced tools for monitoring and analyzing the costs incurred by the organization in relation to the duty travel item; • Full integration with corporate booking tools that enable speeding up of the issuing of duty travel tickets but also their automatic management in the face of specific events (suspension, cancellation, refund, etc.).

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