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ANAS 4.0: </br>The Office in Your Pocket!

ANAS 4.0:
The Office in Your Pocket!

We take the management of office documents to the Cloud: an innovative solution for employees and security of processes.

Approach & Solution



With around 6,000 employees and a widespread presence throughout Italy, ANAS connects the entire country with over 27,000 km of roads and highways.

For our customer the management of company documents proved a major challenge with two essential issues:
  • Security and certification of document distribution, sharing and synchronization processes.
  • Possibility of virtualizing the workstation through a desktop replacement environment, based entirely on a web app in order to facilitate access for mobile users.


With our skills and technologies in the field of digital transformation, we developed CloudDesktop2.0, an open-source platform that migrates office document management from a local architecture to an innovative Cloud model.
Our project creates a simple and effective work environment available to users on the ground, through which it is possible to:
  • Manage processes (e.g. holidays, vacation, sick leave, etc.) through workflows configured by administrative staff.
  • Check procedures with configurable alert policies.
  • Create a digital employee file, with collection of information about personnel in a single environment, and eliminate paper files.
  • Protect data stored in private areas with encryption and verify access from mobile devices.
  • Trace user activities and administrative roles
  • Use electronic mail, calendar and document editing functionalities without the costs involved in purchasing software licenses.


Centralized management of software and updates

New security management policies

Higher performance of Virtual Private Network

Less Total Cost of Ownership

Higher flexibility and scalability of Cloud services

Higher productivity with a mobile solution

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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