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A Smart Factory for the Pharma Industry

We innovate the processes of a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing it into the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Approach & Solution



Our Client is a solid industrial business among the largest players in the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, it is recognized for its avant-garde business in terms of technology used in the development, registration and production of drugs, which are then marketed to national and multinational companies.

We supported our Client in activities related to the design and revamping of SCADA systems ("Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition") in one of the most important plants. With an Industry 4.0 perspective, our approach was to introduce a single integration platform, composed of functional modules that cover different needs.


Our platform offers:
  • Maximum efficiency (single platform, single supplier, specific modules).
  • Maximum scalability (each module can be updated individually).
  • Centralized customer/server configuration.
  • Introduction of audit trail functionalities.

Our approach was based on Object Oriented Methodologies characterized by:
  • Modeling techniques used in various areas of the product life cycle, implemented using the best methodologies for the resolution of similar problems, such as OMT methodologies (Object Modeling Technique by Rumbaugh), OOSE (Object Oriented Software Engineering by Jacobson) and UML (Unified Modeling Language).
  • Architecture that enables a flexibility in defining the solution design.


High efficiency: single platform, single supplier

Machine data management is independent from their suppliers

High scalability and modularity of the solution

Project value

Process performance

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