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Pisa plays the role of smart city with a unique platform for city mobility that digitizes existing processes and creates new points of web and mobile contact with the citizen and new services such as smart parking.

Approach & Solution



Pisa is one of the most visited cities of art in the world, it hosts the main airport of Tuscany and its universityis an important center of scientific and technological excellence. It is the socioeconomic engine for an urban area of 200,000 inhabitants, with a monthly influx of 300,000 tourists, Pisa was characterized by heavy congestion, with traffic both in the historic center and on the main access roads, obstructing public transport. In order to regulate traffic flows, it was necessary to introduce a highly flexible system of rules and access tariffs that could be configured by time slots and users, together with digitization of related mobility and parking permits.


Today, thanks to implementation of our innovative solutions for mobility:
  • Users can purchase and renew their parking and ZTL (limited traffic areas) access permits online with INES Cloud BSS Pisamo.
  • The tickets purchased are associated with the personal PisaPass, the RFID card that abolishes paper permits.
  • Thanks to an app for smartphone with RFID reader, on-road staff can immediately check the validity of the permit and can issue the fine on the spot.
  • Localized RFID Gates on the urban perimeter identify the ZTL permit on the vehicle and measure traffic flows.
  • 150 Parking Spot Sensors detect the occupation status of individual parking bays and send the information to LED panels and the mobile Tap&Park app.
  • All city mobility field devices are monitored by INES Cloud OSS which provides a control panel with aggregate data.


Controllers avoid repetitive data entry

Over 50,000 tourist buses access the city easily

Reduction in and an improvement of traffic flow

Urban permits (parking, ZTL) are on-line managed

Revolutioning the management of city mobility

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