Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Our Approach

Explore & Upskill

Exploring the frontiers of technologies, knowledge and markets

The world is constantly evolving, and so is business and technology. We strive to be constantly and continuously prepared to face current and future challenges, to leverage the opportunities brought on by continuous technological evolution and shifting business trends. In order to do so, we develop our skills and knowledge by continuously exploring frontier technologies, monitoring market trends and needs, and ensuring the continuous growth and update of our people's skills

With our Research & Innovation Department we invest in research & development projects that we carry out all over the world, exploring emerging technologies and how they could best fit business needs.

All the know-how developed is constantly integrated and shared through our "Enrico Della Valle" IT & Management Academy, which trains our people through a continuous path of upskilling and reskilling.

To ensure the seamless update and refresh of the Group’s business and technological competencies, we continuously scan the market with our Startup Observatory for Italian and foreign innovative startups or new companies to collaborate with or to integrate within the Group’s portfolio.

This unique mix of business knowledge, solid skills in traditional technologies and a constant focus on emerging technologies place us in a unique position to implement new technologies, and to integrate them seamlessly with existing technologies, meeting - and anticipating - business needs. This cyclical approach results in our activities being focused on constant evolution.

A Research and Innovation manager viewing a project with a virtual reality viewer

Research & Innovation

Our approach to innovation is based on three pillars: research, management and offering. Thanks to our Research & Innovation Department, we explore new methods and technologies to build the solutions of tomorrow: we are among the most active organizations in terms of research projects at European level. The new skills acquired are managed within our organization, through specific networks and internal processes to bring innovation to the market. We consolidate our offering portfolio by building new solutions or by innovating our platforms, and we work on national and international levels to influence the evolution of technology.

IT & Management Academy offering professional certifications (e.g. PMP)

IT & Management Academy

Thanks to our “Enrico Della Valle” IT & Management Academy, we constantly evolve the knowledge and skills of our employees. The Academy is recognized at a national level and partner of several foundations (e.g. PMI, Pearson). It offers master's programs and courses on specific technologies and soft skills, as well as the main professional certifications (e.g. PMP, ITIL®4, PRINCE2®, COBIT, etc.) for both employees and our customers, to support their training and change processes.

A virtual globe that represents the Engineering Observatory on Italian and non-Italian innovative startups

M&A & Startup Observatory

We evolve our skills also through a targeted M&A strategy, which has characterized our path up to now - in the last three years alone we have concluded 20 M&A deals, to strengthen our presence in specific markets. Furthermore, with our Startup Observatory and by collaborating with external partners (Polihub, Dhitech, Cefriel), we continuously explore the market in search of new players, to constantly update and integrate our offering portfolio, at both skill and geography levels.

Our Approach

& Upskill

Exploring the frontiers of technologies, knowledge and markets

Our Approach

& Design

Design your Strategy, Design Your User Experience, re think business processes and services

Our Approach

& Integrate

Leverage Business & Technology Plaftorms (best of breed as well as our own custom built solutions)

Our Approach

& Evolve

End-to-end support with infrastructure outsourcing & technology maintenance and evolution