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SAP for Oil, Gas, and Energy

Accelerating the Digital Transformation of the energy sector with SAP

Challenges and Industry Trends

The Oil & Gas sector is increasingly embracing a sustainable mobility model and innovative technologies to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In fact, new business models are being developed to meet current customer expectations and mobility needs:
  • Alternative energy options: Growing regulations aimed at reducing environmental impact are promoting the production of electric vehicles and the use of alternative energy sources by automotive companies (such as hydrogen, LPG, methane).
  • Advanced mobility and technology: The emergence of shared mobility is leading automotive companies to invest in autonomous driving-capable vehicles.
  • Evolving customer expectations: Customer expectations are constantly evolving; they expect a better consumer experience at service stations, personalized products, and more attractive retail outlets. To achieve this, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of their preferences.

SAP for Oil, Gas, and Energy


What we do

Engineering has been operating in consulting in the Oil & Gas sector for over fifteen years. Our experience has grown in parallel with the development of the business for the largest player in the Italian industry and in collaboration with other major oil companies operating in Italy.
Through highly professional services delivered by our SAP for Oil & Gas team, consisting of over 60 professionals, we oversee the core Contact2Cash processes in both Wholesale and Retail, Revenue management, Asset management, and Service Station Management across the entire downstream supply chain.

We support digital transformation through the evolution of our clients' platforms (SAP S/4HANA, SAP CX / CRM, SAP BTP, SAP CALM), leveraging new approaches and methodologies (Design Thinking, Agile) that we incorporate into our proprietary Digital2Evolve methodology.

We assist our clients in the energy transition that will lead to decarbonization by 2050, providing innovative and digital solutions aimed at achieving the challenging objectives set by the market.

What value for our Clients

Enabling data-driven decision-making processes

Evolving business models

Integrable with various technologies

Solution robustness, already tested by SAP

Speed and lower cost for implementations

Ensuring a consistent CX for the end customer

Case Study

SAP Program Worldwide

Thanks to our experience with business processes in the oil sector, we are able to support customers in extending the European SAP Program to APAC countries.



Supporting companies to evolve towards Intelligent Composable Business, combining our process knowledge and the use of technologies.

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Case Study

A roadmap for technological evolution within SAP

We supported an application and integrated upgrade path to manage the transition of SAP BW applications to the BW/4HANA platform.

Sap4hana L.jpg

Case Study

SAP CX / CRM: Innovation enters the downstream market

With SAP C/4HANA in Cloud we implemented a contact to cash process, as part of an international project, optimising the credit, invoicing and payments management activities.

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Our Partners


As SAP Gold Partner, we evolve ERP systems by integrating SAP solutions with our methodologies and deep process knowledge.