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Energy Community

Enabling the management of Renewable Energy Communities and Collective Self-Consumption

European legislation on Renewable Energy Communities (CERs) promotes distributed generation and the evolution of smart grids, generating environmental, economic and social benefits to their members, including incentives for self-produced energy use.

Energy Community is Engineering's response to supporting the energy transition of a local community that produces and consumes electricity from renewable sources, independently.

This solution, part of the Neta Open Suite, Engineering's platform for Smart Energy & Utilities, offers high installation and configuration flexibility, allowing integration into customer application systems in two ways:
  • Making available Energy Community services integrated into the customer's mobile/web apps, ensuring interconnection between the data in the Energy Community system and the data of the proprietary systems via specific synchronization connectors.
  • By directly using the Engineering front-end features and making them available to the customer in "white label" mode.
Our platform allows you to enable a series of innovative energy services, including:
  • Weather-based energy forecasts
  • Dynamic tariffs based on energy production
  • Warning systems and management of energy storage
  • Participation of Renewable Energy Community in Ancillary Services
  • Analysis of production, consumption and storage

Through a data-driven approach, it encourages the creation of new services thanks to the data integration, simplifying access and standardizing formats. This brings numerous benefits, including adaptability to changing market conditions and customer needs, customization of services and processes based on specific customer needs, and an improved competitiveness compared to other application solutions.

In short, the Energy Community module offers the flexibility needed to face the challenges of an ever-evolving energy market.

What Value for Our Clients

Scalability and flexibility

E2E coverage of processes

Ease of use and immediacy of information

Real-time monitoring and control

Easy integration with third-party systems


Our impact on the world

How to effectively contribute, through new technologies, to production from renewable sources, urban regeneration, respect for the environment, redistribution of energy income, and energy transition?

How to facilitate the incentive management process of the NRRP, the Regional Energy Plans, the GSE, the MASE?

How to support the entire digital renewables ecosystem and the activities of Renewable Energy Community members?

Read the infographic, listen to the podcast and find out how our platforms, case studies and research projects support the whole renewables ecosystem, RES deployment and the energy transition.

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Renewable Energy Management

Learn about Renewable Efficiency Management System, Engineering's composable platform for managing renewable energy and Energy Communities.


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