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An innovative solution uses Big Data generated from IIoTdevices, to manage plants in an integrated and efficient way.

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IoT Solutions World Congress gathers IoT experts and companies from all over the world. During the event they usually showcase the latest technologies and inspire participants by discussing innovative solutions and ideas.


Given our continuous and ongoing investments in this area, we aim to play a leading role in this event. At the latest edition, held in Barcelona, we presented our proprietary solution called "Digital Enabler", developed from FIWARE OPC UA IoT Agent (OPC stands for Open Platform Communications, while UA stands for Unified Architecture).
Our solution permits to interconnect data related to IIoT- Industrial Internet of Things-, and generated from productive plants, with other sources of data and datasets hosted on the FIWARE platform.
Our system works in this way: when a new device conforming to the OPC UA paradigm is registered through the Digital Enabler IoT Device Manager, an OPC subscription to the OPC server is sent. The server sends the data collected from the sensors to the "Agent" that will forward them to the Orion Context Broker (OCB) using the NGSI LD format.
Then, through a subscription mechanism, the Data Mashup Editor receives data, converts it into FIWARE Data Models and publishes them into another Orion Context Broker(OCB), enabling an additional elaboration.


Our innovative solution has been tested with good results inside the FESTO Didactic Factory, installed in the Industry 4.0 laboratory (I4.0 Lab) of the Politecnico di Milano. Using 14 servers OPC UA installed on 7 working stations we collected reliable data on the energy performance of the production line and from the MES- Manufacturing Execution System-, in general.
The primary goal was to optimally and efficiently manage the plant energy consumption, reducing machines inactivity and programming their stand-by mode to save energy.

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