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Digital Workplace

Redesigning the time and space of work with new digital tools.

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An increasing number of companies are evolving in digital organizations, changing the way we work, learn and collaborate

Technological innovation, data and mobility are redesigning the workplace and the way we work, also because technologies that learn from data and adapt to contexts (such as Artificial Intelligence or RPA) increasingly support activities that require human skills, judgment, creativity and decision-making ability. New technologies generate new ways of thinking, collaborating and working, where human contributions and automated performance must coexist.

What is Digital Workplace and what roadmap must companies follow to manage changes created by new digital tools? How can organizations coordinate technological innovation and employees' training to ensure that each resource increases its own productivity, as well as that of the team?
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With a balance between virtual and physical space, the Digital Workplace facilitates Smart Working

A Digital Workplace enables new ways of designing work that can support change by increasing the value of business. All of this is possible because it:
  • increases individual productivity, since new tools optimize human activities, freeing employees from low added value activities
  • eases teamwork, as new means of communication and collaboration shorten distances
  • promotes the spread of corporate culture and a sense of belonging in companies, as communication becomes widespread and reduces the fragmentation between central offices and those located in different areas
  • speeds up tools used by the management to analyze the status of the various initiatives and make appropriate decisions, by providing complete and integrated information to support decision-making processes
  • increases the quality of IT support, given that today the role of the workplace assistant is essential to respond with competence and speed to the needs of end users.