From Padua to the world, in 35 years

1980: Foundation

35 years are not much for the history of a business enterprise, but they represent an entire era for an IT company.
In 1980, when the current President, Michele Cinaglia founded Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, computerization was still in its infant stage in Italy. 
The company was created through a management buyout operation by Cerved, the Italian Chamber of Commerce network's IT company, which is now called Infocamere. Three volumes tell the story of the key moments and developments of Engineering and its market.  



1990-2000: Consolidation and entry in the Stock Market

Industrial and financial shareholders such as IBM, IMI, Benetton and the Italcementi Group also took their place alongside the shareholding company managers over the years, with minority holdings. It was IMI that accompanied the parent company's entry in the stock market in 2000 in the FTSE Italia STAR segment, which includes shares with the highest equity requisites.

2000-2017: Growth and acquisitions

From software house to global player, Engineering entered the Italian Stock Market in 2000. Thanks to the arrival of fresh capital from the market, the company and the Group then funded the growth of activities, via internal lines and through acquisitions, in an increasingly  global and competitive market. In recent years, Engineering has invested about 300 million Euro in new acquisitions, that have enriched the group in terms of competence and resources that now total about 10,000 IT professionals.

In 2013, One Equity Partners, an American fund that manages more than 10 billion dollars in investments on behalf of JP Morgan worldwide, became a shareholder of Engineering, with a share of 29.9%.On January 21, 2015 JP Morgan sold its stake of Engineering to OEP Secondary Fund.

In the initial months of 2016, the funds NB Renaissance (a partnership between Neuberger and Intesa Sanpaolo) and Apax III acquired 44.3% of the share capital of Engineering. This transaction resulted in the launch of a mandatory tender offer, which was fully completed with the subsequent delisting from the Stock Exchange on July 8, 2016. 

Core to the transaction is the continuity of the current management team, led by the Founder and Chairman Michele Cinaglia, who retained a participation of 12.2% in Engineering's share capital, with the clear objective of pursuing development plans in Italy and abroad.