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biAuto-Biasotti Group:
a digital car dealer

An innovative Cloud Suite, combined with a mobile app, connects car dealer with final customers, satisfying their needs and facilitating the communication.

Approach & Solution



Our Client is biAuto-Biasotti Group, one of the biggest car dealers in Italy.

In direct relationship with the company, our team has designed and created a new Customer Engagement and Lifelong Relationship platform to support the sales areas (new and used) and services (financing, insurance, warranty extension, servicing and repair).

The aim was to focus on customers and their needs in a digital and mobile perspective, acquiring data from a variety of sources (e.g. from the retailer's operating systems, connected cars, mobile apps, etc.), concentrating them in a Data Hub and using them to engage and define the customer profile.


All the objectives has been reached: the platform interacts directly with the customer through a Mobile App (Android and iOS) to offer interaction services with the retailer (e.g. booking of services, stock consultation, etc.) and to provide reminders about deadlines and obligations.

The solution comprehends the Executive Control Tower component, which, based on Analytics and Business Intelligence, offers a concise view of the company's operations, immediately highlighting unexpected variations of planned objectives and showing the root causes.
Furthermore, it supports the retailer in governing processes, influencing the profitability of the business, regardless of the organizational structure of the group, the brands proposed or the types of services provided.



Customer relation is enhanced and extended over time

Customer relation is independent of automotive brands

Final customers are more aware of the available services

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